IontoNorm accessories

The efficacy and safety of treating hyperhidrosis depends not only on the iontophoresis device itself, but also on properties of its accessories, too. The accessories of IontoNorm have been selected with utmost care, to ensure only high quality, biocompatible and durable ones are used.


.Explore the accessories used in IontoNorm:



electrodes work between the device and areas under treatment. Since iontophoresis device is used for a considerably long time, the biocompatibility of electrodes should be considered as well as their durability and functionality.


IontoNorm offers two types of electrodes based on the model you choose: silicone and Metal.

Metal electrodes

These electrodes are made of stainless steel 316L, a highly biocompatible grade with use in the medical field.

Silicone electrodes

IontoNorm also offers silicone electrodes, which are the latest trend in this application. Silicone electrodes offer many advantages over metal electrodes, including:

– being completely inert

– lack of surface changes

– removing the possibility of allergic skin reactions due to trace elements in metal electrodes

– higher durability

– removing two steps from the device set-up.


For treating the underarms, they offer advantages such as:

– increased comfort due to less weight

– more flexibility which results in better contact with the skin in this area.


*model Origin comes with silicone electrodes, and model Digit comes with either metal (Digit) or silicone (Digit S) electrodes .



Only high quality cables are provided with IontoNorm. This ensures consistent functionality of the device in the long run.


Treatment trays and distance grids

Since iontophoresis will be used for a long period of time, all components must be demonstrated to be biocompatible to prevent long-term harm due to potentially toxic or reactive impurities. Trays and grids are no exception, and a third-party reference institution checks the biocompatibility of these components according to BS6920-2.6 regularly.


Axillary pads

پدهای زیر بغل

IontoNorm uses German-made physiotherapy pads which offer biocompatibility and can preserve their quality for a long time.


Comprehensive user manual

راهنمای کاربری

In the user manual, you will find everything you need: from instructions on how to set up and use the device, to a guide to hyperhidrosis, its treatment, and useful tips.