IontoNorm is the iontophoresis device approved by German and Swiss quality bodies for treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of palms of hands, soles of feet and underarms.

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Treatment is simply performed by placing hands or feet in trays filled with regular tap water, or use of special axillary pads for underarms. The device will then generate a special mild current for a short period of time (usually 10-30 minutes for each treatment session).  After treatment,  excess swearing will completely disappear.

The user manual and training video inside the IontoNorm package contain a thorough and illustrative step-by-step guide for using the device. If you have any questions, you can always contact the specialists at Mantra .

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If you are just starting the treatment with this method and you suffer from severe excess sweating, you may need to use the device for 9-18 sessions every other day. After this time, your excess sweating will be stopped and you will only need to use the device 1-4 times a month to maintain your normal conditions.

If your sweating is less severe, with less frequent use, you will reach the desired outcome.

You should NOT use iontophoresis if any of the following conditions apply to you:

pregnancy, breast-feeding, children under 5 years, heart problems, having cardiac pacemaker, having a metallic or electronic implant, epilepsy, impaired sensibility in areas to be treated, severe vascular problems, and if you have local thrombosis, malignancy, large skin problems or severe inflammation in areas to be treated.

It is also recommended to treat underarm sweating in individuals under 16 years of age under supervision of a physician.

IontoNorm is designed to treat excessive sweating in palms of hands, soles of feet and underarms.

Contrary to a rather common myth,  the only role of normal sweating is to regulate body temperature. Instead, excretion of toxic waste is handled by kidneys and liver. Therefore, treatment of excessive sweating has no effect on excretion of toxic compounds or any other healthy function of the body. Also, after the treatment, normal sweating will continue like everybody else and as a result, healthy functions of sweating will be restored.

If you don’t have the contraindications mentioned before, IontoNorm is absolutely safe for you. IontoNorm does not stop sweating completely; instead, it just stops the excessive sweating. After therapy, your normal and healthy perspiration will continue like everybody else. What’s more, prevention of losses of large amounts of water from your body will decrease the risk of complications such as dehydration and nephrolithiasis (formation of kidney stones).

No. IontoNorm in a non-invasive technique and only brings excess sweating back to normal. Using IontoNorm, compensatory sweating will not occur in any part of the body. It should be noted that compensatory sweating is an aftermath of surgery and due to physical damage to lumbar sympathetic nerves.

Among the methods introduced to treat excessive sweating, topical medications have poor efficacy; botulinum toxin is invasive with possible serious side effects, needs periodically repeated injections, and very expensive; and surgery has a high risk of serious and irreversible complications.

IontoNorm is designed based on iontophoresis technique, which is an FDA approved, non-invasive, safe, easy and highly effective therapy for the treatment of excessive sweating. What’s more, compared to other methods it has an overall low cost in the long term, can be performed individually at home, based on personal needs.

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The following features turn IontoNorm into the most distinguished treatment of excessive sweating:

  • Manufacturing, quality control, sales and after-sales services approved by German and Swiss quality bodies.
  • maximum effectiveness in treating mild to severe cases of excessive sweating
  • Fast set-up and intuitive operation
  • Suitable for skins with different properties, even thin skins
  • Symmetrical treatment of affected areas
  • Fully automatic treatment, without need for assistance
  • Maintenance of appropriate therapy windows based on area under treatment
  • 2-year warranty and 10-year after-sale services.

Manufacturing, quality control, sales and after-sale services of IontoNorm are under supervision of DQS (Germany), German association for excellence (Germany) and QS (Switzerland).

If there isn’t a IontoNorm store near you, please contact Mantra Mabnaye Salamat company to place your order.

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IontoNorm  is covered under a 2-year warranty and 10-year after-sales services of Mantra Mabnaye Salamat. To view the exact terms of warranty and after-sales service, please download the user manual from this website.

If you want to use these services, it’s necessary to deliver the warranty and after-sales services card to Mantra Mabnaye Salamat company or its official representatives.

Yes. IontoNorm is designed with an intuitive operation and can be easily used individually in home, and also in health centers.

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