IontoNorm Features

IontoNorm has been designed with one goal in mind: implementing the most advanced treatment protocol and keeping the device easy to use at the same time. To achieve this goal, many therapeutic parameters should be monitored in the background, in order for the device to be able to react to each possible scenario.
Here are some highlights of IontoNorm features:


Immersion detection

Immersion detection

This feature enables IontoNorm to monitor the surrounding of electrodes before areas to be treated are placed in the water, and detect when therapy circuit is completed correctly. This way, IontoNorm starts therapy session only after you have correctly exposed your hands/feet/underarms to water. As a result, IontoNorm would not raise the current before completion of therapy circuit, and prevents uncomfortable shocks.
Also, during the therapy session, if at any point you remove your hands/feet/underarms from water, IontoNorm detect that and reacts accordingly (read more about this below).


Adaptation of performance based on individual skin properties

Adaptation of


based on individual

skin properties

From the first moment you put your hands/feet/underarms in the therapy circuit, IontoNorm measures your skin properties (a net result of skin thickness, composition, and hydration) indirectly and adjusts therapy accordingly. And so, IontoNorm is not only highly effective, but also is suitable for skins with different properties, even thin and sensitive skins.
It is noteworthy however, that other factors affect tolerability of treatment too, most importantly individual tolerance, which differs among people and can impact the pace of treatment. However, the abovementioned feature enables everyone to be able to achieve success with IontoNorm at their own pace.


Continuous monitoring of therapy and instant adjustments

Continuous monitoring

of therapy and

instant adjustments

One of the jobs of IontoNorm’s CPU is to constantly monitor therapy conditions and make fast and smooth adjustments accordingly. As an example, if you decide to lift one of your fingers in the middle of the treatment (for instance because of a small skin crack that you haven’t covered with Vaseline before the session*), you have actually changed the area of your skin in contact with the water, which could potentially lead to an increased sensation in your hand, which might be uncomfortable. With constant monitoring of therapy conditions, IontoNorm adapts its performance to such events. In the aforementioned example, IontoNorm changes its performance in order to prevent uncomfortable sensation, while keeping therapeutic effectiveness.

* Preparation tips for treatment with IontoNorm are presented in the user manual


Maintenance of suitable therapeutic window based on the area under treatment

Maintenance of suitable

therapeutic window

based on the area

under treatment

Studies have shown that the limit for therapy parameters (current and time) should be different for each area (hand, foot or underarm). Moreover, each limit wouldn’t need higher currents or times for success. Since leaving this consideration to users could be prone to human errors, IontoNorm asks the user about the area he/she wants to treat, and automatically limits its performance for each area for each session.


Symmetrical treatment of affected areas

Symmetrical treatment

of affected areas

Primary hyperhidrosis occurs symmetrically, i.e. in both hands, both feet or both underarms. When treating with iontophoresis technique, even though both areas are in the therapy circuit, at each point in time one area (the one located in the positive pole) receives more effective treatment. To balance this, and also to increase tolerability of treatment, IontoNorm changes the polarity of treatment in predetermine times.


Recording therapy information


therapy information

During treatment with iontophoresis, there are several situations in which you’ll need to know your therapy information. For instance:
– You feel you can take your therapy to the next higher level, or you want to try it with lower settings than the previous session.
– You want to continue treatment with the last settings.
– You need your data to consult us or your physician.

IontoNorm presents a therapy report at the end of each session, and also saves therapy settings for each area separately. This way you can access and/or set your last settings instantly.


Smart over-treatment protection

Smart over-treatment


A potential side effect of some iontophoresis machines is making the skin too dry. This happens when an iontophoresis machine performs therapy regardless of skin moisture. IontoNorm has been designed to measure skin moisture indirectly before starting therapy, and if detects the skin is dry, will allow therapy only with the highest current suitable or not allow further treatment for that session.




Safety is never less important than effectiveness, and so, the IontoNorm software has been designed with all the different scenarios a user may experience, to be able to react to each scenario properly. Some of the above-mentioned features are safety features as well, but two more examples include:


– Performing self-check at the beginning of each run
When turned on, IontoNorm ensures there’s no software of hardware fault with conducting a self-check step, and would allow further use only if no fault is detected.

-Safety stop in case of sudden removal of areas under treatment from therapy circuit
Although it’s recommended to keep the areas under treatment still during therapy, it is possible that a user removes them suddenly. Even in this situation, IontoNorm shifts its output rapidly, to prevent the uncomfortable shock.


Automatic treatment and easy operation

Automatic treatment

and easy operation

IontoNorm has been designed with full compliance with international standards of requirements for home-use medical devices. Generally, although being aware of the features mentioned above can make for a better user experience, but IontoNorm performs them silently in the background in a smart and automatic way. As a result, setting up and using IontoNorm is extremely easy for the user.
In addition, IontoNorm is the first and only iontophoresis device with graphical user interface (GUI).

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