IontoNorm hardware components

In treating excessive sweating, there should also be a rigorous focus on considering all aspects affecting a patient’s health. We recognize it our responsibility to carefully consider all these aspects to make sure we have protected our customers’ health.
Design and manufacturing of IontoNorm is done under supervision of credible German and Swiss quality bodies, and it has received several quality certificates in part due to use of high-quality components in its manufacturing.
Here are some of component choices for IontoNorm:


Power adapter

The power adapter of IontoNorm is a certified medical-grade unit specifically designed to be used in medical devices, due to its proper design specifications like high isolation level.



Electrodes of IontoNorm are made from stainless steel 316L, a high medical-grade alloy extensively used in making surgery instruments and biomedical implants.



IontoNorm uses cables supplied by Schützinger, one of top suppliers of safe connections in the world. This ensures consistent functionality of the device in the long run.


Treatment trays and distance grids

Since iontophoresis will be used for a long period of time, all components must be demonstrated to be biocompatible to prevent long-term harm due to potentially toxic or reactive impurities. Trays and grids are no exception, and a third-party reference institution checks the biocompatibility of these components according to BS6920-2.6 regularly.


Axillary pads

IontoNorm uses German-made physiotherapy pads which offer biocompatibility and can preserve their quality for a long time.


Electronic components

In a market filled with copy or high-copy electronic elements, IontoNorm uses only original elements provided by credible suppliers.

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