Treatment with IontoNorm

Even though excessive sweating is extremely hard to tolerate, it is easily treated with IontoNorm. You can find the answer to some your most important questions about this treatment here:

Areas which can be treated

Hands, feet and underarms could be easily treated with IontoNorm. Watch this tutorial video for better understanding of how it is performed.*:

IontoNorm tutorial video

*This video demonstrates model Origin, but the general principles remain the same for both models.

Performing a therapy session

Performing a therapy session with IontoNorm is through these simple steps:
1-setting time and current (according to the user manual)
2-placing the areas in contact with water.

After that, everything is done automatically and you should only wait until the time of session is up.

Duration of each session

Therapy sessions start with 10 minutes, and as the sessions go on can be increased to 20 or in severe cases to 30 minutes.

Duration of therapy course

Treatment includes two phases:
Primary: which applies to someone who currently has excessive sweating.
Maintenance: After success of primary treatment, and to keep the desired dryness.
.The primary phase can take 9 to 12 sessions (depending on initial severity of sweating). After this phase, sweating goes back to normal and you’ll have a sensation similar to the skin on other parts of your body.

Maintenance therapy

Like other therapy options, IontoNorm needs maintaining the effects. This is done with 1 – 4 sessions per month. However, unlike options like Botox, IontoNorm is non-invasive, safe, painless, and very inexpensive in the long-run.

Considerations before a session

before each session, please note:

– clean the area from other products (cosmetics, etc)
-Remove metallic wearables (jewelry, etc.).
– Cover any minor skin damage e.g. injuries and scratches on the areas to be treated with a fatty product.

Considerations after a session

To help us have a better view of course of therapy and a better support, record the therapy data (such as area under treatment, time, current and date of each session).

Side effects

If a safe and medically approved device is used, iontophoresis is the only fully effective, yet free of adverse effects method for treatment of excessive sweating. Only mild and transient tingling or redness has been observed in some patients after some sessions, which quickly disappears after a session and can also be controlled with a mild anti-inflammatory product after a session.

Tolerance to treatment

Tolerance (decreased responsiveness to treatment after repeated therapies) does not
occur with iontophoresis After initial success, you can be sure continuation of therapy will be successful as well.

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